In English

We are Pingst Umeå, an international church in Umeå, Sweden, that consists of members from various countries of origin. We are situated in the heart of Umeå, an area that is easily accessible both by public and private means. We are a community of believers following Jesus and our vision is to see transformed lives and a transformed world. Our belief is that the gospel of Jesus – the Son of God, is the only hope for a world suffering without Christ.

Church Service

We meet every sunday 11.00 o clock for church service and look forward to welcoming you, your family & friends this weekend. We have translation to english every sunday and we use an app called Jitsi meet for translation. If you want you can download it on your own mobile before coming to church. Our hosts will help you to get connected on arrival.

Kids Sunday

Every sunday is a Kids sunday. Our Kids team loves children and thinks it’s a great honor to serve the children in our city. We spend a lot of time planning, arranging and preparing children’s worship to create really good meetings for everyone between 1 and 12 years old. Welcome to bring your children on a journey of discovery through the amazing adventures of the Bible. We sing, dance, pray, play and have fun. It has never been more fun to go to church!

We would love to connect with you! If you want to know more, give us some feedback or have questions please contact us at